What El Salvador has to offer tourists

An article by Ben Brazil in Sunday's Washington Post titled A Little Risk, Stunning Reward in El Salvador sings the praises of El Salvador as a tourist destination. Most readers of this blog will already know about the sights and locations described in this article, but send it on to someone who does not yet know about what El Salvador has to offer. The article also has a candid discussion about how tourists should think about crime in El Salvador.

Brazil starts the article out:
I want to tell you about climbing a volcano in El Salvador. More specifically, I want to tell you about this one particular volcano, a perfect cone called Izalco, which rises above green fields of corn and coffee looking dark and primeval and slightly otherworldly. I want to tell you how, in the crater, you can stand among fumaroles that surround you with steam, and how it feels like a natural sauna in the clouds. But before I tell you about all that, I must confess to breaking one of my personal rules of travel. The rule is this: Never climb a volcano in El Salvador.(more)