Singing the praises of Juayúa

In his blog, the El Salvador Gringo has recently had a series of posts about the town of Juayúa, located in the mountains in Sonsonante Department. One of his posts describes the weekend food festival in Juayua:
The whole town gathers in town square for the event and food is served and eaten at plastic tables and chairs under the shade of multi-colored canopies and trees. Dozens of food vendors set up along one side of the plaza and people line up at individual tents to sample their fares....

The prices are great! Many without established favorites like to sample a variety of items from a number of tents. The aroma of all the delicious food and coffee is amazing! Try the Riguas de Coco… a cornmeal and coconut mixture cooked in the leaf, then fried on the grill and finally topped with a perfectly sweet coconut sauce. I would stay away from the grilled frogs… but that might just be a personal preference. The elote loco is a little crazy… hence the name… but it’s worth a try: boiled corn, smeared with mustard, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and topped off with some other sauces… you might just like it.

Juayúa is just a day trip from San Salvador, only about 50 miles (75 km), and is totally worth it to escape the busy hustle and bustle of the city. The food festival in itself is worth the trip, but if you have a chance to look around a bit, the town is actually quite nice. Cobbled streets, colonial architecture… it is a peaceful place to be. If you only have the day, you might think of taking a horse and carriage ride around the city after you are done. It is a nice setting to digest and enjoy the scenery in. (more)

In addition to the food festival, El Salvador Gringo has written about Juayua Waterfalls and Taxi Service Transportation in Juayua. I have also been to Juayua with my family and I share in El Salvador Gringo's recommendation that visitors to El Salvador consider a visit to this town in the western part of the country.

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Anonymous said…
I have romantic memories from Juayua. Nice place.