Half the shirts and towels bound for El Salvador

Prior to the Super Bowl, tens of thousands of shirts and towels are being printed proclaiming that the Arizona Cardinals won the game and tens of thousands are being printed proclaiming that the Pittsburgh Steelers won. Only half the shirts will turn out to be true -- and the other half are going to El Salvador:
SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The winning team in Super Bowl XLIII remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – either outcome will spell excitement for children and families in El Salvador. Whether the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Arizona Cardinals win, shirts, hats, and towels will be given to people living in extreme poverty, as the National Football League and World Vision team up for the 17th year.

Prior to championship games, Reebok produces shirts and caps and, for the first time this year, McArthur Towel & Sports is producing Trophy Towels, announcing each team as the winner. These items are kept on hand for the victorious players to wear immediately following the game. Since 1992, World Vision has accepted thousands of unusable shirts and caps following football’s biggest event. Additionally, major sporting good retailers and manufacturers donate large quantities of official apparel that they have stocked in anticipation of either team winning the Super Bowl.

Instead of being destroyed after the big game, the losing team items are shipped from the host city to World Vision’s International Distribution Center in Pittsburgh, PA. There, they are sorted and added to shipments of other goods requested by World Vision field staff in various countries. In the destination countries, World Vision workers distribute the apparel to children and families in need, many of whom have never worn new clothing in their lives.


Anonymous said…
Sweet. It would be even sweeter if the items were manufactured in El Salvador.

Unknown said…
This is so depressing... the loss of an American team becomes the victory of Salvadorean poor children. I am about to cry.
Anonymous said…
Why wouldn't poor Salvadorans want shirts and towels from a football team in the U.S. that lost the Super Bowl? How completely and utterly ungrateful they are. Some nerve they have.

Jeez Louise, what next, they didn't want to suffer the heaviest aerial bombardment in the history of the Western Hemisphere, have $ 6 billion dollars spend by the U.S. on a 12 year war, have their economy dollarized, CAFTA imposed on them.

I think they're just a bunch of big cry babies.
Anonymous said…
Arizona played a great game and I would LOVE to have a shirt, hat and towel to parade around. I'm happy for Ben as well but Kurt Warner had a better game (except for that crazy ass pick and run back). If anyone comes across any of the Cardinal stuff on sale, please provide a post so I can get me some.