Election resources

In the midst of this election season in El Salvador, there are a number of resources you can use to stay on top of the latest developments. Even though most of these resources are in Spanish, using tools like Google translation, you can certainly get the major points of any of these sites and publications, even if you only speak English.

Public Opinion Polling

LPG Datos, the polling arm of La Prensa Grafica. See their latest polling results throughout the election season.

El Diario de Hoy 2009 election section with coverage of the polls published by the paper.

Public Opinion Institute at the University of Central America with all its polling results.

Center for Public Opinion at Francisco Gavidia University.

News Media Sites

2009 Election coverage of El Faro. Site where the excellent digital periodical El Faro makes available its coverage of the 2009 election.

Election coverage
at digital periodical ContraPunto. This independent site is one year old and offers a great deal of political coverage.

La Prensa Grafica. Web site for El Salvador's conservative daily newspaper.

El Diario de Hoy. Web site for El Salvador's very conservative daily newspaper.

Diario CoLatino. Website for El Salvador's left wing daily newspaper.

Diario Del Mundo. Smaller daily newspaper.

Google News Search -- choosing this link will run a search for articles about the El Salvador elections in English language news sources on the web.

Official websites of the political parties.

FMLN website.

ARENA website

Christian Democratic Party (PDC) website.

National Conciliation Party (PCN) website.

Democratic Revolutionary Front (FDR) website.

Democratic Change (CD) website.

Candidate websites.

Rodrigo Avila website.

Patria Joven con Rodrigo Avila. A multi media filled website aimed at youth and promoting the presidential aspirations of Rodrigo Avila.

Official website of Mauricio Funes.

Website of Norman Quijano, ARENA candidate for mayor of San Salvador.

Website of Violeta Menjivar, current FMLN mayor of San Salvador, running for re-election.

Government related sites.

Official website of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE)

Electoral Code of El Salvador.

Official website of the Legislative Assembly.

Legislative Observer

Other sites and blogs

Free and Fair Elections website. A coalition of US-based NGOs created this site to monitor the election process in El Salvador.

Hunnapuh blog. The oldest, and still the best, blog covering current events in El Salvador with a group of bloggers with varying points of view.

Neto Rivas' Blog. Astute commentary from this long time observer of El Salvador's politics and government.