US Ambassador to change with administration

As of January 20, 2009, when Barack Obama is sworn in as president of the US, there will be a change at the head of the US Embassy in El Salvador. As described in this story in the Washington Post, the incoming president has asked the State Department to notify all ambassadors who are political appointments that their terms will not be extended past the end of the Bush administration. Charles Glazer, the current ambassador to El Salvador, was not a career diplomat, but was a businessman and prominent Republican fundraiser.

According to this report in El Faro, until a new ambassador is confirmed, the embassy will be lead by current Deputy Chief of Mission Robert Blau.
El Faro also had this comment:
Different from early administrations with respect to the electoral situation, Glazer took care not to make public comments that had the potential of influencing the decision of Salvadorans about which party or presidential candidate they would come together to support in the elections. Far from it, he said more than once that the United States is ready to work with the next government the Salvadoran elect, whatever party or candidate triumphs on March 15.

I had the chance to meet once with Ambassador Glazer to chat about El Salvador and US relations, and I wish him well in his post-El Salvador career.


Anonymous said…
"Hombres armados." If Pres. Saca's scandalous allegations that there are FMLN-affiliated "armed men" organizing in stealth throughout the country prove to be fallicious, it will be more than a shameless though predictable election year tactic. It will be a blistering confirmation that his oft voice concern about re-opening war wounds (usually offered to explain his opposition to investigation of war crimes) is nothing but an empty pretext, and it will tear away what little honor is built around the ARENA brand.
Anonymous said…
Well, the pictures speak for themselves.....Diputados among the paramilitary dressed and weapon clad followers as late as november 2008......

What if ARENA held rallies with people dressed as paramilitary or Defensas Civiles, or Escuadrones de la Muerte, and weapons.....

Would it be ok then......?????

Yeah, I did not think so.
Anonymous said…
I, for one am sorry to see Glazer depart. I was happy with his efforts to convince the present administration to join the rest of the world in fighting corruption. He was not appreciated for his rhetoric and direct manner of speaking. People here in El Salvador do not appreciate straight shooters and calling a spade a spade. Skirt the issue, sweep it under the rug and maybe it will go away. That is why poverty and corruption are endemic to society here. Until the government figures out that everyone needs to be treated by the same set of rules there will be no respect for the law. Glazer tried to impress that on the powers that be. As a businessman he knows what works to make an organization function. Que Dios le bendiga por sus esfuerzos.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous 2: I have not seen the pictures you describe (this is Anonymous 1). I hasten to add that if the "scandalous allegations" prove to be TRUE, then the fmln WILL have a lot of 'splainin' to do (as Ricky Ricardo would say). False accusations of armed men are unacceptable, but what's even MORE unacceptable is the reality of political parties having armed factions. We'll see.
Anonymous said…
this topic was already discussed long ago in a political forum i happened to run into as i was surfing the net, it was at: under the forum from el salvador, it seems that this blog is not keeping pace with prime time news.
Carlos X. said…
Tim is not trying to be a 24 hr. headline news service. He is here providing thoughtful analysis and highlighting significant issues after some of the dust has settled on the issue ... in other words, after more than a single news cycle! I think most of us would rather have Tim get it right, as he does so much of the time, rather than just get it out there first, which does not take anywhere near as much talent.

Felices pascuas!
Anonymous said…
The Salvadoran army militarizes a rural community in Suchitoto. Have we heard any statements about this raising concern from soon to be Ex Ambassador Glazer? Hmm, the silence is deafening.
Hodad said…
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