New IUDOP poll

A new poll from the Public Opinion Institute at the University of Central America in San Salvador (IUDOP) has been released. The poll shows the FMLN with a signficant lead in all categories for the upcoming 2009 elections, including a 16 point lead in the race for president.

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Other results of interest from the poll:
  • 50% of those polled have little or no confidence in the upcoming elections.

  • 62% believe the economic condition of the country worsened in the past year.

  • 80% believe the cost of living increased a lot during 2008.

  • 62% agree with the statement - "if ARENA wins the next elections, the rich will be richer and the poor will be poorer."

  • 63% disagree that an FMLN win will negatively impact relations with the US

  • In the race for mayor of San Salvador, Violeta Menjivar of the FMLN leads Norman Quijano of ARENA 49% to 35%

  • The most trusted institutions in El Salvador are the Catholic and Evangelical churches


Anonymous said…
ARENA, las resultados de las elecciones de 2009 serán su tumba. Adios pendejos.No lloras para mi Freddy Cristiani.
Anonymous said…
<<63% disagree that an FMLN win will negatively impact relations with the US>>

With a guy who pretty much shares the FMLN's agenda in the White House, methinks 63% are absolutely correct!

Anonymous said…
Tim, thanks for your blog. The paucity of decent English language news about El Salvador is dented by the steady stream of information you provide.

I hope that the run-up to the elections is peaceful and not too much dominated by the ginned-up scandals of the Diario de Hoy type.

Happy Holidays!