El Salvador to withdraw troops from Iraq

President Tony Saca announced yesterday that the country's troops in Iraq will be withdrawn after the end of the year:
SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador -- President Tony Saca announced Tuesday he will withdraw Salvadoran troops from Iraq after Dec. 31, pulling out the only remaining soldiers from Latin America.

Five of El Salvador's soldiers have been killed and more than 20 have been wounded since the country deployed troops there in 2003. It currently has 200 soldiers based near the southeastern Shiite city of Kut.

"We have fulfilled our mission with Iraq," Saca told reporters Tuesday in San Salvador....

In the five years that Salvadoran soldiers have been in Iraq, they have completed 350 health, education and infrastructure projects that benefited an estimated 7 million Iraqis.

"As president of this country and as the commanding officer of its armed forces, we should be happy with our participation in Iraq," Saca said. "We have helped rebuild a large part of the Iraqi area."

The decision to have troops in Iraq has long been unpopular with the majority of Salvadorans.


Anonymous said…
Wow, just before the elections. What a coincidence!
Anonymous said…
No coincidence. The mandate given by the UN expires december 31st and was not renewed, and the iraqui parliament has spoken on the subject by saying that any foreign troops should be negotiated bilateraly. This means that El Salvador should contract directly with the iraqui government to keep them there, and that is just very unlikely. The deal was eith the americans.

So no coincidence there, the coincidence is just seen by you and your pro-fmln agenda.

Thats all...
Anonymous said…
Tim, could you direct me to the unbiased and professional poll which is infered to by you as to the effect that a majority of salvadorans wanted the troops out of iraq?

Hodad said…
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Tim said…
CID-Gallup poll showed more than 60% disapproval of troops in Iraq.