What will Obama presidency mean for Latin America?

The website Just the Facts has collected the public statements of Barack Obama about his Latin America policy at this link. With the US focused on a financial crisis and two wars, it is doubtful that implementing these policies will occupy a very high position on Obama's list of tasks to accomplish at the beginning of his administration.

For a sense of current US aid policy towards El Salvador, you should also review the Just the Facts' compilation of excerpts from official descriptions of aid to El Salvador, which describes current projects including cultural exchanges, law enforcement collaboration on gangs and drugs, and implementation of the "Enduring Friendship maritime security program," among other things.


Kadmiel said…
thank you for the information this really highlights good coroperation between the governements of the us and el salvador :)
Anonymous said…
I personally can't be happier with Obama's election, because by simple virtue of his election I expect it to signify a great departure from what US-Salvadoran/Latin American relations have been under Dubya's presidency. With him at the helm of the White House the only concrete thing I expect to see is a cessation of political intervention amidst a foreign country's elections with US public officials making such contributions to the public forum that anyone could swear that they themselves were running for that country's presidential seat. In other words, no more US fear-mongering in election time, and US ambassadors silently stand by never truly condoning such actions, but never really condeming it either. And if this doesn't mark an improvement, then I sure as heck don't know what would.

Of course, one can't forget the fact that Obama's top priority will be USA's interest, as decreed by the Praetorian Guard (CIA) and the different lobby's he owes his allegiance to. In the end one can only hope he rings true about being multilateral and cooperative into "healing" this ailing planet, God knows we don't need any more warmongering money-making fanatics with a secret ambition of immersing the globe in a series of proxy wars and profiting from them. My only advice to Obama would be: demand more transparency when giving international aid and cooperation. The junkies and the dealers on the streets are just one side of the coin, on the other side, you've got a whole multi-national aparatus of money-laundering shell-companies, loan-sharks with reputations as honorable bankers and entrepeneurs and a "good name" and the government organisms that protect and cover them.

If you want to save the new generations, stymie mass immigration in droves, promote regional "prosperity" and education, it is imperative to demand greater tansparency.
Anonymous said…
I believe that nothing regarding the xenophobic immigration policy will change and deportations will continue to happen.