Saca asks Salvadorans in US to stay there

El Salvador's president Tony Saca is touring the US asking Salvadorans to re-register for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). TPS, granted by Congress to Salvadorans following the 2001 earthquakes and continuously extended since then, allows Salvadorans who were otherwise illegally in the US to remain and not be deported. From the (AP):
SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador -- Salvadoran President Tony Saca will be traveling to the United States to urge Salvadoran immigrants there to reregister in a temporary visa program.

The Central American leader plans to visit Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles Dec. 6-9. Earlier this month, Saca visited Washington D.C. and New York's Long Island.

During his trip, Saca will ask some 240,000 Salvadorans to stay in the visa program created to help El Salvador after two deadly earthquakes in 2001. The U.S. government extended the program in September.

Salvadoran immigrants have until Dec. 30 to sign up for the extension, which allows them to stay in the United States until September 2010.

Some 2.5 million Salvadorans live in the United States and sent home a record $3.7 billion in 2007.


Anonymous said…
Hermano lejano, no se mueve. Por favor, se quede el los Estados Unidos porque necesitamos su plata. Sabemos que estas en un país de mierda, pero La Guanaxia está casi en bancarrota y sus remesas son la única salvación. Por parte de toda la gente aquí en la Pulgracita, gracias.
Anonymous said…
Do you know the exact day when he will be in Houston? And where he will speak?