Obama or McCain -- the Salvadoran view

In advance of tomorrow's US presidential election, some opinion polls have asked people in El Salvador and the rest of Latin America who they would prefer be elected president, John McCain or Barrack Obama.

The El Salvador Gringo points to Gallup polling showing a preference for Obama:
El Salvador has a pretty good feeling that whoever gets elected next year is going to have an impact on their country. In fact, 43% think that either Obama or McCain taking office will make a difference in El Salvador. Which do they prefer?

Gallup Polls has the answer. From May to September 2008 they conducted surveys in 70 countries to see who the world preferred to see elected into the Presidential office in the United States.

Despite the fact that they prefer Obama over McCain, the difference between the two candidates [in El Salvador] is one of the narrowest in all South American countries. Only 24% prefer Obama, while 14% would vote for McCain if they could. The other 63%? Undecided.

Also out are results taken from the annual LatinoBarometro poll. The poll had similar numbers in El Salvador:
El Salvador:

Obama 22%
McCain 16%
They're the same 34%
Don't know 23%
No answer 5%

Only Colombia had a higher level of preference for John McCain (19%) in the LatinoBarometro numbers.


Anonymous said…
interesting, I will be heading to El Salvador very soon. this is interesting to note: Why would El Salvadorans be convinced that the next president will affect them?
Kadmiel said…
I think they are concerned becuase 15% of there gross national product comes from the US.. The use give large sums of mooney to the government.. and locals.. millinum project for 1 example.. gang prevention another.. now wethere they work or being implemented is a diferent story.. but the basic point is el salvador has alot of ties with the us so it would effect them a great deal on a national policy front
Anonymous said…
obama just won in the u.s., funes is following on his footsteps to be the salvadoran obama, or din't someone call him barack o'funes once already?
Anonymous said…
"Interesting" lol of course obama, after bush admin have been deporting peeps and they not able to send money back home. funes will win, LA AMER has been going left for the last 15 yrs.