Murder of a clown

My friend, the photographer Jesus Flores, recently wrote this tragic, ironic post in his blog about the murder of a clown in San Salvador:

This clown, 33 year old Geovanni Guzman, known as "Piecito", was shot 13 times in a place in the city center known as Parque San Jose, right in front of the old church there. I said to myself, "13 times, someone must have been really mad at this clown". And, I was correct. Witnesses told us that he was a robber and thief. Turns out, a number of the clowns that work on the public buses here are actually spotters for gangs, or else rob people when they get off. They come on the bus, do some schtick, see who has money or goods, and then call to the gang members. This clown was shot at about noon, three times in the face, and 10 times in the body.


As I left the scene, a group of what looked to be gangsters asked what I was doing. "Taking pictures of the dead clown" I said. They asked to see the photos, and as they were looking at them on my camera, one said "So somebody finally killed that clown".

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alassleves said…
the payasitos are not an innocent symbol of joy and happiness anymore...they are criminals...a show they play more frequently in the buses is this:
"-do you want to tell it to the people in the bus or should it be me je je je?
-I will tell to people!!! you...i'm ashamed, ji ji ji...
-well, i will tell then...ladies and gentlemen: this is an assault!!!"
the murder of this clown is the same kind of murder that happen to transvestite prostitutes, that has been presented by journalists and left wing politicians as murder of gays in el salvador.
Brian said…

I m not sure I understand the connection you've made between bandit clowns and tranvestite prostitutes?

Clowns who board a bus with the intention of robbing its passenges is very different from transvestite prostitutes who are approached.

one seeks to appropriate the valuables and money of another through intimidation and violence, the other uses her body to gain financially
alassleves said…
bandit clowns, and bandit transvestite prostitutes that approach men (usually in areas and days, salary days, when most of men are under effect of drinks)with the intention of robbing them while or after having sex.
Lillie Langtry said…
Thanks for drawing my attention to Jesus Flores' blog, it's great.