Watch their campaign ads

If you want to see how the political parties are presenting themselves to the people of El Salvador through televised campaign ads, you can check out those ads on theiw websites and YouTube channels.

First, a Mauricio Funes video spot:

You can see more videos at the FMLN web site or at the FMLN video channel on YouTube.

Rodrigo Ávila's spots feature his campaign slogan "Un pais más justo" -- A more just country:

You can see more on Ávila's website, or on the Rodrigo Ávila video channel on YouTube.


Anonymous said…

Whats with FMLN Campaign's mimic of the Obama "CHANGE" campaign .

Hopefully not another Left wing Gov't in the Americas !!!!
Anonymous said…
omrecinos, what if I say Obama is copying and paste FMLN's ads? Not too smart right?

Well in the same path the FMLN started their campaign long time before the Democrats in the States, so there's no way to say FMLN is taking the "change" word to sustain their ideas from Obama.

Remember that "change" is a word that even Rodrigo Avila is using to base his campaign, even though there's no change in arena with him as a candidate and the same people ruling the coena.

Unlike Mauricio Funes, who represents a new face to salvadorean politics scenario, a great journalist that gained reputation for being objective, honest and not bribable.

I'm sad to say omrecinos that another left wing gov't is coming to Latinamerica, as you can see all polls are supporting that fact.

Nace la esperanza y viene el cambio.

FMLN victoria 2009.
Anonymous said…
the 1st video is pretty good, its content is clear and the message is direct.

the second video is ambiguous, is not understandable since we have being having this type of ads for the past 19 years and nothing happened... besides, it's impossible to believe ARENA will change salvadorean crisis because they haven't done it before.

that's my humbe opinion.
Anonymous said…
right, we need the right to vote in the exterior of the country (El Salvador), how many are we living in the United States? we are like the third part of all the population, we have the right to vote, but you know how s the goverment of Arena, always watching just their money, i hope the FMLN wins this time, up with Funes!!!
Anonymous said…
Damn! ARENA's candidate, Rodrigo Avila looks SO FAKE.