Observe the 2009 elections

A number of US-based solidarity organizations are soliciting participation in delegations of election observers for the 2009 elections in El Salvador. Delegations are being organized both for the January 18 municipal and legislative elections as well as for the March 15 presidential elections. Here is the list of organizations of which I am aware today and links to their websites:
If there are other organizations planning delegations which are open for applications, please send me an e-mail to let me know and I will add you to the list.


El-Visitador said…
«US-based solidarity organizations»

Give me a break.

The U.S. "solidarity" movement with El Salvador? You, yourself, on this your own blog published a confession from a self-avowed armed Marxist terrorist who admitted he and other guerrillas that received its instructions from the guerrilla command in El Salvador formed the "solidarity" movement in the U.S. (Listen to Part II in the original Spanish confession).

This at a time when your own country was fighting a cold war against a ruthless enemy who cost your nation dear lives and treasure and who financed those same Salvadorean terrorists who gave orders to the infiltrators into the United States.

Some "solidarity organizations," uh?

Impartial, I'm sure.
Anonymous said…
el visitador gtfo, always bringing up that ol red scare fobia of the 50s, go take a cofee break homer simpson style in that big building in Santa Tecla.
Hodad said…
yes, he[El-V] is still doing his CIA rant
he needs to take his meds

HOPEFULLY also The Carter Center will be there