Fewer Salvadorans leaving country

The estimated number of Salvadorans who daily leave the country by land and enter the US illegally has declined. The flow of migrants has been reduced from 700 to 400 per day according to Jesús Aguilar, director of CARECEN, and reported in La Prensa Grafica. The reasons for the decline include the worsening US economy, the continuing raids by immigration authorities in the US to detain and deport undocumented immigrants, and increased charges by human smugglers, the "coyotes", from $6000 to $9000.


Anonymous said…
i guess that is a good thing,i dont blame them why any body wants to come here and live in missery, anyway, i had a better life in my country now in us, im counting every penny and i dont have maids ,i have to do it all, results of the globalization??????? europe?????? so globalization is bad?????
Anonymous said…
Just thining the herd !!

Natural selection.

Survival of the fittest.

The U.S is still where dreams come true .... provided Obama does not make this country into some socialist welfare nation.
Anonymous said…
Maybe the inmigration to the US is slowing down because of the new inmigration policies and because of the fence they'll building.

But I can ensure you that salvadoreans are still inmigrating, many to europe, mainly Spain and Italy because people realized was just to hard to cross the southern border of the US.

Inmigration is moving its destiny from US to Europe or even Latinamerica, but inmigration is not stopping at all.

I guess we salvadoreans are looking for a better life, something that has been impossible to find right here for quite a long time.
I hope that Salvadorans will find more opportunities here in El Salvador so that they do not have to leave their families, their communities, and their homelands behind if they do not wish to do so. However, considering that nearly a third of El Salvador's GDP comes from remittances, the decreased rate of immigration is going to have a negative impact on the entire nation. So... there will have to be a fostering of domestic agriculture and job creation to keep El Salvador alive...
Kadmiel said…
I know there id probably a long list of reasons why they want to come. but there are opportunities in el salvador.. I my self am trying toget out of the US to go back to el salvador with my wife to be there with her family.. it is such a wonderful country. but what country does not have problems.
Anonymous said…
6000 bucks just for paying a coyote! Dude it's cheaper to go to Spain (and no visa or foreign language needed!) Oh well, honestly it's better that my fellow Salvadorans don't start immigrating to Europe. Otherwise we might lose the no visa needed status. It's so cool to go to Europe and not to be asked for a Visa