El Salvador to host Ibero-American summit

Leaders of nations throughout the Spanish-speaking world will attend theIbero-American summit in San Salvador on October 30 and 31. La Prensa Grafica has set up a special page for coverage on its web site.

Venezuela's president, Hugo Chavez, who is villified in political advertising by the ruling ARENA party in El Salvador, has declared that he will not attend because the government of El Salvador could not guarantee his safety.


Anonymous said…
Hugo, no te vayas a la Guanaxia, porque ARENA quiere matarte.
Anonymous said…
What makes Chavez think he is so special?

I mean, it's not like the Salvadoran government can guarantee ANYONE's safety. If everyone thought the way Chavez does, no one would go to El Salvador.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Because of this summit most of the schools in the city will shut down for 3 days as major thoroughfares will be closed, so that dignitaries can travel without dodging traffic I assume. Everyone has been warned that getting anywhere in the city will be a long drawn out process and you must leave earlier than normal and your normal bus route won't be functioning. So thankfully I am leaving for a couple of weeks Thursday morning and will miss it.
Anonymous said…
Soviet premiers, US presidents, and Roman Emperors have been assasinated. History proves that anyone can be assasinated. NOBODY WANTS CHAVEZ DEAD, OTHERWISE HE WOULD BE BY NOW.

He keeps going on with his conspiracy theories on EVERYONE wanting to kill him in Venezuela.

So he should go to El Salvador, there are far less venezuelans there than in caracas.

Or if in deed everyone wants to kill him and there are dozens of plots a year in his own country, any other place should be far safer than his own Miraflores Palace.

He is so UNWILLING to give his life for his beliefs that when duty called, he has surrendered twice before dying, first during the COUP D'ETAT he led in 1992, and second in the coup d'etat which was organized in his favor in 2002.

I smell cowardice and false modesty from this clown....jajajajaj

Next he will ask for refuge from all those who are plotting to kill him........get them off me....get them offf meeeeeeee.....the walls are closing innnnnnn......jajjaj
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
The fact is that Saca's government is aligned with USA
policies and President Chavez, has been declared "persona non grata" .Nevertheless, he deserves
respect and protection as Venezuelan Head of State.
Salvadoran government must courteously offer the
" necessary protection services".Let's not forget than
El Salvador is one country with the highest rate of
violent death where "life worth is a penny ";and anything can happen.
Anonymous said…
President Evo morales is playing football soccer at this hour in a little field in San Salvador, surrounded by ordinary people.
Where is Chavez ? Finally....who cares ?