Pictures telling a thousand words

A photo journalist in El Salvador who works under the pseudonym Jesus Flores has put a collection of his work up on the web. Called The Hidden El Salvador, the site presents dozens of sometimes dramatic and often emotional pictures of modern day El Salvador along with captions which provide the context of the scene.


Anonymous said…
I really do not understand why Mr. E. S. J. is going by the pseudonym of Jesus Flores (I intend to respect as much as possible his anonymity, so I only put his innitials, unless he has bested us all and E.S.J. were never his real innitials, jajaja).

He was doing a good job with his own name.

One reason why I can imagine that he has gone ridiculously "underground", might be because he believes there is no freedom of speech in El Salvador and in this he is WRONG.

He could also have gone "underground" because he has become political in his work and he knows that he is hanging about with unsavoury and dangerous characters, as anyone picturing trouble for a living should be and in this case, does anyone really care enough for James to go "underground"? Perhaps his own sources do.

Now if he feels like he is in the line of trouble in El Salvador, well, he did not really expect it to be picturing Maras, Buseros, Ladrones, Estudiantes de la UES, and the Brigada Limon, and for it to be a National Geographic work on "the blue winged central american butterfly and the sun tanned cali valley girls who make up the wild-on the Peace Corps Spring Brake wet t-shirt contest", now, did he?

Nevertheless, he should have at the very least, changed the format of his blog to make a difference with the one he used to have and has cancelled in order to go underground.

See, without being even vaguely interested in the guy's politics, it is obvious to me who he is, and that he does have a very good eye as a photographer. That is what gave him away mostly.
The Combat Photographer quality of his today "incognito" eye.

I will buy your book on pics Mr. Flores, when you publish it, it will certainly be a good thing to look at.

But I will remain anonymous in this entry, too, since Agrado quiere Agrado, as we say here in El Salvador.

Anonymous said…
I too had seen the 1st blog before Mr Flores took it down. If one was aware of the first blog, friend or foe, it won't be too hard to figure out who Mr Flores really is.
What he is is a very good photographer. I'm am glad to see his work again.Stay safe
Anonymous said…
The pictures are true and real.
What's the big hoop?
Anonymous said…
"The pictures are true and real.
What's the big hoop?"

Exactly that. They are truth and some people cannot handle truth.