Latest polls show FMLN strength

The latest poll by the daily paper El Mundo showed the FMLN with a measurable lead in the voting preferences of Salvadorans. The paper surveyed some 1258 Salvadorans in 58 municipalities across the country. In the race for president, the paper reported 33% planned to vote for the FMLN's Mauricio Funes while 22% planned to vote for Rodrigo Avila of ARENA with a third undecided.

In other results published in the paper, regarding the elections for deputies in the National Assembly, 37% said they would vote for the FMLN compared to only 20% for ARENA. A third of those polled were undecided.

Finally, the paper's polling figures in San Salvador also show the FMLN with the advantage in the campaign for mayor, with Violeta Menjivar likely to be re-elected.

Showing a high level of interest in the upcoming elections, 75% of Salvadorans interviewed plan to cast votes in the 2009 elections.

A poll published by the very conservative El Diario de Hoy in July, found that Funes only lead Avila by 37% to 30%. A poll by La Prensa Grafica in late July put the spread at 31.1% for Funes to 24.8% for Avila. Ernesto Rivas, in his blog makes the argument that the media polls generally show partiality and thus he plans to ignore them and only comment when the local universities release polling results. Perhaps I should do the same.


Anonymous said…
Nace la esperanza y viene el cambio.

Vota FMLN en el 2009.
Anonymous said…
All I know is ARENETO Rivas is not a trustable source, I tend to think he's the same El-Visitador.

ARENETO Rivas opinion's shouldn't be considered as reliable since his blog is financed and sponsored by ARENA.

Who doesn't know ARENETO is giving some pushings to the Cuilio Dundón? hahaha... if you haven't seen that famous picture you can go to Samuel's Blog and you'll laugh as hell.

Anyways, on 2009 all ARENARCONAZIS are leaving Casa Presidencial to it's best guest Mauricio Funes.
Anonymous said…
It will be just a change from one set of greedy corrupt pocket liners for another set. The FMLN are just upset that they have been kept from the trough for so long! If Tim thinks that just because the media belongs to the right their polls are biased he has his blinders on. Since the universities are hotbeds of leftist thought and ideology their polls are going to be jsut as biased as the people taking them.
Anonymous said…
what i'm wondering is when and if chicho avila will debate with funes. if arena wants to showcase themselves as democratic, as a new right, and with an electoral process why not give us, the civil salvadoran society a debate for the ages. funes has the initiative, chicho avila has expressed he has the will to allow such thing to happen. in fact i watched an interview of funes by nacho castillo from channel 33 just recently in which nacho compromised himself to organize, arrange and referee the debate. the entire interview was posted on if anyone hasn't watched it yet. so in the name of the entire salvadoran population who will cast a vote in 2009 we ask, no we demand a presidential debate amongst all the presidential candidates!!!
I Would Never Think the You Tim
belive the extreme right Poll/ Admision of defeat. won't be suficient to the fact of FUMES advance............Some times I Really Wonder About YOU.......

What else do U Want, What else do U expect???? No convince.No wonder You are not One of US...You are Not a Salvadorean . I dont |Fucking Care If U Not Convince
Anonymous said…
Well, I must say I'm convinced Mauricio and the FMLN will win the coming president election.

All polls are confirming this trend, and mainly all salvadoreans are showing their notorious support.

I used to vote for arena but i've changed my mind after 19 years of poverty for all my people back in E.S.

I have to add that as I did, a lot of salvadoreans are not affraid of a change to the left and will vote for the FMLN on 2009.
Anonymous said…
I think that perphaps a change could do the country good. That being said, I am very skeptical and refuse to believe that a different party will make such a huge difference as they are promising. Talk is cheap and acts speak louder than words. It sufficies to say that perhaps it will be good to "test" the other pary as they seem so eager to prove themselves and see if they can "walk the walk". Maybe then people will stop being so naive and start realizing that in the end there not much difference between one political party over another. The truth is that it takes a great deal of effort and time to improve a country that has gone trough so much in recent years.