El Salvador's star is rising in World Cup soccer

Fans of soccer across the world are starting to take notice of El Salvador's national team. After recent victories over Surinam and Haiti, the blue and white team is poised to advance to the next round of World Cup qualifying for 2010 in South Africa. As this article on the Bleacher Report website describes, much of the credit goes to Mexican coach Carlos de los Cobos:
Tiny El Salvador is now poised to make the final qualifying round for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

At the head of this unexpected development is Mexican coach Carlos de los Cobos, a "homegrown" manager who found success at the helm of C.D. FAS, leading the club to two finals in 2006....

Working wonders with the country's confidence level so far, de los Cobos has deflected questions about eventually working with Mexico's national team by saying that he is "very happy in El Salvador, the people treat me so well here."

For a football-mad country starved of any real success for more than two decades, redundancy be damned:

Carlos is El Salvador's savior.


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y'all gotta watch this, see if it makes sense.