How El Salvador appears to foreign real estate investors

An article on the website of NuWire Investor, an educational resource for alternative investments, shows how foreigners look at El Salvador as a place to invest in real estate. The article is titled El Salvador Real Estate: Stunted by Bad Reputation, and it concludes:
El Salvador has a long ways to go before it becomes the next Costa Rica. It needs to work on its crime issues and reform its court system. Most of all, it needs to change its reputation. Until then, its potential will remain untapped and its ambitions to attract more international investment unrealized.

These are the issues where El Salvador must improve if it wants to attract more foreign capital, whether it be in real estate, tourism, or industry.


20 years o ARENA, among the achivements the judicial systen is Corrup & Ineficient.
Anonymous said…
el salvador been compared to costa rica, and as i know costa rica doesnt have any more bussines with united states i meant free trade since 2001, and costa rica is better than any other central american country.
Anonymous said…
in my opinion el salvador has potential, but it is obviously undeveloped. i think the first line of business for el salvador to attract more investment is adequate, modern infrastructure, of course along with becoming a safer place to be at.
Anonymous said…
thats why El salvador is cool.
Keep those "Real estate investors" OUT! by a house there while you still can..