Head of corruption-racked National Police resigns

The head of El Salvador's National Police (PNC), Francisco Rovira, resigned on Saturday as charges were being leveled against two of his top assistants. According to a story in the Washington Post:

Two aides to police chief Francisco Rovira resigned on Friday after media investigations said one ran a private consulting firm with suspected drug traffickers as clients and the other used police license plates without authorization.

"This morning, (Rovira) told me he wanted an open and transparent investigation and that's why I accepted his resignation," President Tony Saca told a news conference.
Francisco Rovira became head of the PNC after Rodrigo Avila resigned to run for president in the upcoming 2009 elections. The corruption in the PNC did not start with Rovira coming to the job. The news of Rovira's resignation spoiled ARENA's celebration of the birthday of its founder and death squad organizer Roberto D'Aubuisson.


Anonymous said…
According to Diario CoLatino, one of the figures in this scandal is Arriaza Chicas. Those of you who read my book might remember his key role in the cover up of the Adriano Villanova murder and the persecution of journalist Violeta Rivera. (Another key figure in the case, Zicarrias, was recently killed in Guatemala while running shady investigations of the PARLACEN murders.)
Anonymous said…
What's the name of your book?
Anonymous said…
Freedom of Expression in El Salvador: The Struggle for Human Rights and Democracy (McFarland, 2004)