Travellers in El Salvador

It's summer, so people are traveling to El Salvador and blogging about their experiences. Aaron and Lyndi, the Texas nomads, pretty much sum up what they and others have found:
The fact of the matter is this: this country is beautiful, with some of the most friendly and helpful people I've met not on this journey but in my life, and with mountains, waterfalls, food festivals, great art and music scene, and killer surfing- it boasts just as much as the other C.A. countries. And if that doesn't draw you in, I need only say one word: Pupusas
Read their blog entries about Santa Ana and El Zonte.

Other travelling bloggers include Alyssa Schwartz who is currently blogging from a service trip to El Salvador, and Nin Andrews who blogs as she visits her Peace Corps Volunteer daughter. Meanwhile Vanessa Nguyen arrived in San Salvador yesterday and writes about her travels in her blog Jungle Guerrilla Roadie.


Anonymous said…
nice, so el salvador for the tourists there s just one word to tell that their travel was a success with joy: "PUPUSAS", damn, i have like 2 years that i haven t taste just one PUPUSA, i hope i can go to washington dc and get some, i really miss them, but real salvadorean pupusas, i could find in memphis tennessee some pupusas but it s not the same taste
Anonymous said…
tell you what tim, why don´t we organize a lutheran church mission in reubicacion 3 in chalatenango. i have realized that in this charming, green, rural suburb of the city of chalate are just about every possible christian denomination church except lutheran. so i humbly envite you and your church friends from all over the world to come and set up a lutheran church in this little town. eventually i would like to help bring in jews, muslims and budhists, idk but i sense the need to diversify our religious culture, i don´t like how christianity can be monotonous at times. well, think about it, do some research on this region of el salvador and give me the heads up. remember it is the town of reubicacion el dorado numero 3 in chalatenango department, about 15-20 minutes from the city of chalatenango. oh yeah, theré´s an artificial lake nearby.
Anonymous said…
For those pupasa lovers in the USA, New Jersey has some of the best I've ever had. Specifically: North Bergen, West New York, Union City. I'm now living in El Salvador and there isn't a street I pass by where pupusa's aren't sold.