Wet El Salvador

Heavy rains have soaked parts of El Salvador in the past ten days as the heart of the rainy season commences. First, Pacific tropical storm Alma came ashore through Costa Rica causing damage and then bringing heavy rains to El Salvador. Flash floods from heavy rains swept away and drowned two girls in Usulatan department. This week, weather affected by tropical storm Arthur has been causing deluges in the central and western part of El Salvador. At least 60 homes were flooded and hundreds of people evacuated in various communities as rivers rose. Much of the country remains under a yellow alert for flooding and similar problems caused by the rains. There are photo galleries of the flooding here and here

The map at this link shows the areas in the country which are at risk of flooding when there are heavy rains in El Salvador.

La Prensa Grafica has a special section of its web site devoted to this year's rainy season. From there you can get a link to the current satellite and radar image of weather in El Salvador.


Hodad said…

does not make for good fishing either
no es bueno para pescar tambien

but, this is nature, we are here by chance,
global warming?
volcanoes, sun spots
quien sabes, es cosas naturales
Anonymous said…
I've never been to India, but the rainy seasons of El Salvador, or better yet, of the whole-world, especially those regions that are more susceptible to, and in touch with, nature's forces (though, no one is exempt from it's influences!) remind me of the fame of India's monsoons, their devastation, and yet their great necessity to the land at large. The problem of El Salvador's population, is large due to the majority of the population living in high risk areas, being highly densely populated/overpopulated simply intensifies chances of this types of things from happening. But whatever the case is, rain is such a paradox. We need it, but we only want so much of it, because if it falls too much, we are screwed, if it rains too little, we are screwed, this shows that we have to learn to adapt to the circumstances to avoid carrying the full burnt of it. Of course, one has to wonder if our actions do indeed makes nature more precarious (global warming), and making adaptability even harder.

Of the Indian monsoon: "With its life-giving rain and its wild storms, the monsoon is a mixed blessing: whimsical, unpredictable and unmistakably Indian," says Shantipriya