Salvadoran troops in Middle East

In addition to having troops in Iraq, El Salvador is now sending troops to join a peacekeeping force in Lebanon:
El Salvador is expected to send 52 soldiers to join the UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon, the country's Defense Ministry announced Friday....The military contingent will first travel to Spain on Monday to receive one-month training. The soldiers will join the UN peacekeeping troops in Lebanon, the ministry said, adding that the training will help them "achieve the given mission."

El Salvador's parliament adopted a resolution Thursday night, giving green light to the peacekeeping mission in Lebanon. The opposition parties also supported the resolution, although they opposed sending troops to Iraq because they considered it an illegal war.

The presence of Salvadoran troops in Iraq has been very unpopular in the country. It will be interesting to see how this deployment, supported by all political parties, yet without any obvious connection for El Salvador, is viewed by the public.


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