Chatting about the litter problem

A group of US Peace Corps Vounteers decided to act out an anti-littering message on buses operating around San Miguel. Watch their video.

According to the PCV who pointed me to the video, they were well-received:
Reception was pretty good - we'd sit on the bus afterwards for a while, and lots of people would ask questions about who we were and why were doing this. Some people put trash in Jesus' bag when he went around. On some of the buses people clapped and cheered when we finished.


EQ said…
Man, you and your buddies are great. Thanks for all your work, its wonderful that you are doing this.
Anonymous said…
ha ha ha. well done. this sh*t reminds me of the skits we used to do in my spanish class to practice speaking spanish. well, it sure is odd to have a bunch of foreingners in your own city tell you and teach you to not throw trash away as if you were little kids, but dang that's just what they gotta do. i sure hope people listen and actually practice being cleaner...he he he