Salvadoran presidential candidates to debate

According to this report in La Prensa Grafica, the two principal presidential candidates, Mauricio Funes of the FMLN and Rodrigo Avila of ARENA have agreed to a debate. This a good thing for Salvadoran democracy -- there has never before been a presidential debate. No date has yet been set.


Anonymous said…
finally you answered my pleading.
i hope this will turn out to be good. i bet it'll be funny too. let's support debate, those cowards of flores and saca didn't want debates in the past, but what can words hurt???
the people need to be convinced, and what better way than to do it right in your adversaries face.
vote funes 2009.
boz said…
Any early guess as to which candidate this helps? I would think that Funes would benefit greatly with his personality and background in journalism.
Anonymous said…
Does Avila have his watermellon ready?
Anonymous said…
Funes is gonna kick ass. Too bad El Sal doesnt have fox news Pundits to formulate and manufacture public opinion.