Immigration stories

There have been a number of stories in the US press in recent weeks about illegal migration from El Salvador.

The Boston Globe had a painful story about parents illegally in the US who pay smugglers to bring children on the perilous journey north:
Their stories, told last week in interviews with relatives and government officials, reveal the wrenching decisions facing scores of immigrant parents and the children they left behind. Many came to the United States illegally and have stayed longer than they intended, and now the families must choose: break the law to smuggle the children into this country or leave them in their poverty-stricken towns with aging relatives who can no longer care for them. (more)

National Public Radio in the US broadcast a three part series this week concerning El Salvador's efforts to absorb the growing numbers of Salvadoran being deported from the US. The series is worth a listen, as is an accompanying Reporter's Notebook which describes the NPR reporter's emotional reaction to working on this story.

USA Today
also has a story about Salvadoran deportees. The story itself is one like many others -- what I noticed and regretted was the fact that almost all of 850 comments to this story on the USA Today website were filled with anti-immigrant loathing.


Anonymous said…
Yup, the U.S. RIGHT xenophobic propaganda over the last 4 yrs of the "immigrant Invasion"-will cause El Salvador to VOTE LEFT in 09 instead of U.S. supported Arena. El Salvador perhaps will be the 2nd to last Domino*)??
-I would think the last two to fall Left would be El Salvador and Colombia. It will happen. And the republican Party through their ignorance and isolation is causing it, and they're the ones that sure as hell don't want it. What a bunch of Stoopid Morons.
Bosque said…
Its really not fair to just say the repubs do not want "illegal" immigrants flooding the US ... in case you have not noticed, its a large portion of the US citizens who do not want nor like the strain of large "illegal" immigration. La Raza, et al do not help the situation either, they make it worse.

There needs to be a big change in the visa laws so that people can come in greater numbers to work legally and have a better chance at citizenship; particularly for those Central American countries which the US had a large hand in screwing up.
_nice_ said…
The NEWS was intriguing and full of controversy. I feel sorry about the family of a child. May be it is unfair to their side but they should need to follow a certain rule.

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