In the coffee forest

It's been some time since I pointed out an entry from one of the blogs of US Peace Corps volunteers in El Salvador. Here's a recent post by Laura V, who works in the area of Apaneca in Ahuachapan department, a coffee producing area. In her post, In the coffee forest, Laura describes in pictures and words the coffee harvest:
I was able to get some really good pictures of what it´s like after the coffee pickers have finished cutting coffee for the day and have brought it back to the finca to sort and bag up. a coffee finca is basically just a piece of property where there are any number of coffee trees. the owner of that land normally has an ¨mandador¨or ¨colono¨ - someone who lives in a house in the center of the land and maintains the place for the owner. this central area is usually where all the people who are employed to cut the coffee from that particular finca congregate at the end of the day to gather all the coffee that was picked and to work out how much money they are owed for that day´s pickings. anyway, i´ll just let the pictures do the talking.
Read the rest of Laura's post and read her other blog entries here.


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