Holy Week -- Vacation Week

Holy Week has begun throughout the Christian world, and in Latin America and El Salvador it's the start of a week of vacations. The observances of the religious faithful and the secular attractions of beaches and vacations are on display at the website of El Salvador's major print newspapers. Both La Prensa Grafica and El Diario de Hoy have special sections devoted to Holy Week and to enjoying your vacation:
Go to any of these sites for video and photos of the religious and secular celebrations of this week.


Anonymous said…
Everyone to the beaches! Don't die in an auto crash! Don't get too drunk, go for a swim, and drown! Don't settle you petty disputes with fellow beach goers with guns, knives, or machetes. Have civil and polite discussions with fellow beach goers about the relative merits of Funes and Avila as presidential candidates.
Hodad said…
very nice Sir, AA[another anonymous]

was at the beach semana santa in Nexpa Mexico in 88?for 10 days[huge waves the whole time and]
two large normally fighting drug families there, for that week, everyone was polite and respectful,
this is for Mexicans,!!!!!
wish guanacos could be as civil
maybe soon with a government that will give a shit about the people

ojala nos vemos