Scouts of El Salvador

One positive story about youth in El Salvador are the thousands of young people in Scouts in El Salvador. The Scouting movement in El Salvador has programs which offer a positive alternative to gang activities. You can read about the Scouting movement in El Salvador in this Wikipedia article.

This week LaPrensa has a photo gallery of the Scouts participating in activities commemorating the February 22 birthday of Robert Baden Powell, founder of Scouting.


Hodad said…
great story,
thanks so much for this Tim,
as a former Boy Scout and Boy Scout Camp Counselor
I hope to start a chapter of sea scouts in Cuco when i return

great potential and with strong values for kids

scouting taught me quite bit of skills
El-Visitador said…
The Scouts took me to the top of Volcán Pacaya back in the day, to see the Halley Comet.

Long live the Scouts, and their values.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Hodad said…
Hola, now I have links to these organizations on MY blog
and have some old high school buddies from Scouts wanting to assist if we work on a Sea Scouts program
will keep you informed