Latest polling results

The latest public opinion poll results show improvements for Salvadoran president Tony Saca and his ARENA party. In a poll by Mitofsky Consultants and published in La Prensa Grafica, the percentage of Salvadoran's who approve of Saca's job performance grew from 51.3% in November 2007 to 58.6% now. It's not clear to me what caused this increase since Saca's popularity had been declining steadily over the past few years.

When asked which party they would vote for if the 2009 elections were conducted today, 29.8% opted for ARENA, 24.3% chose the FMLN, and the big winner was undecided/no response at 40.6%. Note that the poll did not associate a candidate name with either political party since ARENA has not yet chosen a presidential candidate. These numbers largely reflect the numbers of the party faithful of the two major parties. The 2009 elections will be decided by who can move that large block of persons who don't want to declare a party loyalty.