Conflicting sights

In a rare sight this week, a cruise ship pulled into the port at Acajutla. More than 300 European tourists disembarked and received an introduction to El Salvador and its culture.

Meanwhile, in an oft-repeated sight in the old center of San Salvador, street vendors clashed violently today with police who were dislodging them from unauthorized locations. There was damage to property and at least 7 people arrested. See more in this photo gallery from El Faro.


Anonymous said…
Wow. Those images, next to each other, really are stunning.
El-Visitador said…

Each and every cop in that violent street fight against civilians is an FMLN Municipal Policeman.

Who would have ever thought?
Anonymous said…
wow, are those cops, with slingshots? how ridiculously funny, slingshots??? just funny, i thought.
Anonymous said…
incredible, im amazed by those pictures, in one side i understand that all those tin roofs in the streets looks aweful, but i also understand that IS LA NECESIDAD what is driving this people to sell and buy informally, what about talking and get to a solution.