US lobbyist for El Salvador gold mines

This little news story says a lot about where power rests, when a Canadian gold mining company hires a Washington lobbying firm to lobby the US government concerning the Canadian firm's gold mining projects in El Salvador:
Gold mining company Pacific Rim Mining Corp. hired C&M Capitolink to lobby the federal government, according to a disclosure form.

The firm will lobby for informational meetings with Congress, the State Department and other agencies regarding the company's gold mining project in El Salvador, according to the form posted online Dec. 3 by the Senate's public records office.

Canada-based Pacific Rim acquired the El Salvador mining project in 2002 through the acquisition of another mining company.

Lobbyists are required to disclose activities that could influence members of the executive and legislative branches, under a federal law enacted in 1995. They must register with Congress within 45 days of being hired or engaging in lobbying.


Anonymous said…
Golden rule updated to the 21st century: Those or their lobbyists who have the gold or are trying to extract it, make the rules; or pay lobbyists to make the rules, break'em, or lobby politicians to do their bidding.
Anonymous said…
ha ha ha...didn't we all like expect this already...
write about something a little more interesting please, i don't know, tourism or something.
El-Visitador said…
Absolutely bizarre.
Anonymous said…
yes, please
they will be leaving soon, ALL gold miners
by plane, or best by boat, jaaaaaaaaaaaa
Anonymous said…
If you invested about $35 million based on national laws, promises from the local government and international trade agreements that you would be able to open a mine and then were were told no after exceeding all local and most international standards because of lies and threats from local radicals supported by the international anti-development crowd, you would try and protect you investment too! Tim´s Blogg ought to look into the the real travisty of this situation, the loss of meaningful jobs, loss of investment in some of the most impoverished areas of El Salvador and the fact that local support is extremely high but almost univerally unreported (or miss-reported) by the opposition groups!
Anonymous said…
HA! Are you serious? One Mining project will benefit this country with jobs? What meaningful jobs are these? There is no such thing as clean and nonhazardous mining, especially in Latin America. With all the environmental degradation the country has suffered, one mining project will bring so many jobs right? How naive. What land is left, and you propose that one mining project will bring "meaningful jobs".

Ive written to my congressman about this just like every person should. A foreign Canadian company will not be mining in El Salvador.
El-Visitador said…
«There is no such thing as clean and nonhazardous mining»

Then again, if you stay in bed all day, you run no risk of getting run over by a bus!

Because of people who think like you, there is no future for the youth of El Salvador.
Anonymous said…
According to E-V the future for Salvadoran youth is to either work in the gold mines or get poisoned by the environemntal pollution they cause? Hmm, as the Sex Pistols once said, "no future, no future for me."
Anonymous said…
Is it ignorance? You know nothing about mining nor do you know a thing about the local situation of the people. We in San Isidro know much more than you about this situation! If you want to help the youth and people of our country, you should get involved in a positive way and not bark the lies of the anti-everything crowd you obviously represent! If you took the time to learn about all the work that went into developing this project (scientific studies) and had an understanding of economics, you would see that all the opposition to this project is based on arguments to envoke emotion and none are based on the facts. Your radical and uneducated comments are an insult to everyone who wants to help his people! And if you think the loss of work affecting close to 2,000 people in one community is no impact, than I am sorry to say you have no soul!
Anonymous said…
Ruff, ruff, ruff. Who, who, who let the radical anti-everything dogs out.Move it on over, move it on over
Move over little dog cause the big dog's moving in...and's he's anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-neoliberal, pro-immigrant rights chucho de la calles de Arcatao
Anonymous said…
Like all big dogs he will eat or destroy everything in sight and defecate everywhere in his pen. What's good in El Salvador will be destroyed and the people will be even more desperate to immigrate to the north!
Anonymous said…
Do you know how many thousands of people die and are contaminated in El Salvador due to the incorrect use of pesticides and hebacides each year for the milpa? How about bacteria in the rivers due to no waste management? Any regulated industry will be better for the people than the way it is now!
Anonymous said…
thanks for the address of thios greedy scum bag in DC
ok, hommies in DC go get his ass
canadians next
all pinchy canadians, [they never tip in restaurants]
also need to leave now, and canadian ambassador, be careful

yes big dogs out
rock and roll
Viva La Revolucion
hang all in public NOE especially that drug dealing bush buddy Hillary Mena AK will come out

and read Vince Flynn's 'Term Limits'
all congressmen/wome are a=ware of its implications
a very popular book on Larry King Live
Anonymous said…
Salva Alchemist..... You need to get in touch with reality, you can't make gold out of lead or jobs out of garbage and EColi. Jobs are everything. Chile started out with jobs when the mining revolution took off there. Those jobs led to kids going off to university that might not of otherwise had the chance and now Chile exports trained professionals and has a robust middle class, the strength of any country!!

It is interesting that in San Isidro, Pacific Rim has miners from the original mine in the 50's asking for jobs because they like the feeling of not have to be on the remesa dole. People do like the feeling of independence and the feeling of self worth when they earn it themselves. Many also had the opportunity to buy property, which in and of itself is a longer lasting form of wealth. These old timers tell PacRim that without the mine that opportunity might not have happened.

One ironic fact is that in Sensuntepeque There is a doctor whose father worked at the original mine. I am sure that he in part had his medical studies paid for as an extension of the economic wealth accrued from that employment. Now his daughter is a university student in the capital. Like a lot of leftover liberal hippies in the states who worked up their agendas without ever having worked in their lives, he is hypocritical enough to say that he doesn't think that mining will help the people. My personal belief is that he, like most anti-development folks have theirs and he doesn't want the havenots to get ahead.

I think PacRim is perfectly justified in hiring a lobbying firm in defense of their investment. Even "religious" groups use lobbyists to push their agendas in Congress. The Sanhedrin had lobbyists working Pilate against Christ. Does it mean anything? No, only that PacRim wants to be heard and lobbyists are one way of being heard against the noise of the vocal misinformed minority.