Judges protest in streets of San Salvador

Black-robed judges marched through the streets of San Salvador, protesting corruption investigations of four judges which have been launched by the country's attorney general. The BBC website has the story:
More than 400 judges in El Salvador have held a street protest to complain about accusations of corruption against four of their colleagues. Dressed in their robes, they delivered a letter of protest to the Supreme Court in San Salvador on Wednesday.

The judges were calling for prosecutors to investigate the cases with objectivity and prudence. They also want the government to drop plans to allow state prosecutors to determine criminal cases.

Prosecutors have opened investigations into various of the four judges' decisions, including one ruling to release a man three months after he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for murder. Defence lawyers for the judges say they were just applying the law.


Anonymous said…
did i mention how fond i am of the salvadoran judicial system?
Hodad said…
a judge in El Sal probably has the mentality of a hog farm worker
this is a hoot
Anonymous said…
what judge, what judicial sytem, what justice?