A Salvadoran inventor

The Los Angeles Times published an article this week featuring the work of a Salvadoran inventor, whose passion is creating a super-efficient, inexpensive wood stove suitable for use in poor households:

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador — In a makeshift laboratory equipped with little more than a battered chair and a cheap kitchen scale, inventor Rene Nunez Suarez displays the contraption that has become his life's obsession.

It's a stainless-steel cooker that uses about 95 percent less fuel than conventional wood stoves, with minimal pollution. It would seem a can't-miss technology in a country where millions still cook with wood and most forests have been destroyed.

The device has garnered Nunez a prestigious environmental prize. It has earned him a U.S. patent. And it has won fans among some Salvadoran peasants who no longer spend a good chunk of their days hunting for firewood and then inhaling cooking smoke.

It has also wrecked Nunez's marriage, alienated two of his three children and swallowed his life savings. (more)


Anonymous said…
excellent good new, however still is missing to know if that superkitchen will be given or sold to the salvadorean people, i wouldn't doubt if this freaking government ARENARCONAZI will ignore this tremendous effort of another salvadorean that makes our country famous for good and positive things.

as eeverybody knows, the salvadorean government doesn't have in his agenda as an important point the poor people.

however congratulations rene for that wonderful invent that is changing and developing the salvadorean life-conditions.
Anonymous said…
ARENARCONAZI I like that, never heard that one before but it is well suited. I hope they make it really affordable and before that really safe. This can benefit the world and not just our Pulgarcito. I don't think they will just give it away for free, after all it is Arena that is currently in power. Let's see what FMLN does on this when they win the palace.

P.S If you post here can you at least give yourself a nickname please !!!!

Peace my brothers and sisters

Hodad said…
great post Tim, something positive and good
cannot wait to see this stove
however I will be making and demonstrating a composting toilet the size and basically same materials as a pila[concrete thingy used to wash dishes,clothes, babies, etc.-for all you 'gringoes']
this device has current usage in India, [as do larger community based biogassers] with this you can cook off the low pressure metahne released[it dioes take some monthly maintainence. which is difficult to impliment, but cvan be done, best with some written instructions/manual]
anything to save cutting down of trees.
Peace out
cool runnings
Anonymous said…
good! finally some good, positive and interesting news coming from someone in el salvador. i don't think the stoves will be free, i mean, the money will have to come from somewhere to build them first. i just hope they are really, really affordable, to the point that just about any and everyone can buy one if they choose to.
Anonymous said…
well this is wonderfull, i meant it, i believed that in el salvador there are so damned smart people and all that inteligence is waisted vanished, i hope that this pour soul get in life what he deserved and shot the mouth of his ex wife and the kids and say sorry, i wish the best to you salvadoran inventor.
Anonymous said…
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