Christmas shopping

If you are looking to do good and to get something for Christmas for a lover of El Salvador (or a lover from El Salvador), here are some ideas:

People of Hope Crafts -- From the website of this organization, you can purchase fair trade craft items from 20 artisan cooperatives throughout El Salvador.

People's Market -- The People's Market is a project of CRISPAZ, and this is its last year. Buy fair trade craft items online at 25% off right now.

Plowshare Center -- For my readers in southeast Wisconsin, the Plowshare Center is a great place to be fair trade items from all over the world, including El Salvador.

Ten Thousand Villages -- Another online location for fair trade crafts from El Salvador.

Mother Earth Coffee Co. -- Buy fair trade, organic shade grown coffee here.

Another great idea is to make a donation in someone's name to one of the solidarity organizations listed in the right hand column, who are all doing great work in El Salvador.


Anonymous said…
Hey Tim-- Don't forget Just Coffee and their Cafe Juan Chacon. It's coffee from Chalatenango