Youth having babies

An important factor when considering policies to address poverty and related issues in El Salvador is the relative youthfulness of the Salvadoran population and the number of teen pregnancies. According to a recent article in Diario CoLatino, thirty percent of all pregnancies in El Salvador involve mothers between the ages of 15 and 19. This is perhaps not a surprising figure, since the article states that 24% or 1.4 million of El Salvador's 5.9 million inhabitants are adolescents.


Bosque said…
Don't know about you but when I grew up in LA, we liked to know. Maybe someone should promote more activities for the young and the poor. Frankly there isn't much else to do. ;)

Its the way it has always been. Its in the music and everything else.
Anonymous said…
I used to teach esl in the hula hula near the hospital maternidad, they would put 2-3 babies per incubator.