Tony Saca calls on George Bush at White House

I think it is probably true that President Tony Saca of El Salvador has met with George W. Bush more times than any other Latin American leader during the past three years. The topics are almost always the same: Bush thanks Saca for being committed to freedom and contributing troops to the coalition in Iraq. Saca seeks assurances that Temporary Protected Status will be extended to prevent 220,000 Salvadorans from being deported. They both speak about their commitments to free trade.

Yesterday, November 29, Tony Saca again paid a call on the White House. One additional message in his remarks this visit was a pointed remark about growing "populism" in Latin America threatening constitutional democracies. It was a remark aimed at Hugh Chavez in Venezuela, but was also a shot at the FMLN.

You can read the full text of the two presidents' remarks to the press following their meeting or President Saca's answers to questions from the press. (in Spanish). You can also see a photo gallery released by President Saca's office.

President Saca was also in Washington to visit the International Republican Institute where he was awarded the 2007 Freedom Award. In his acceptance peech, Saca spoke more explicitly about the wars against communism in the 1980's being continued in the need to stop socialists from taking power through free elections.

An FMLN spokesman, quoted in Diario CoLatino, characterized Saca's trip to Washington as an attempt to enlist Washington's help against the FMLN because of the left-wing party's growing political prospects as the country heads towards national elections in 2009.


Anonymous said…
Secret transcripts of the Saca-Bush meeting just released! Translated from Spanish and Bush's mangled English

GB: Hola Tony, como estas compadre?

TS: Hey George, how's it going, Good to see ya again.

GB: Not to good actually. No one likes me at home or in the rest of the world. The war in Iraq is not going well, though we're sure killing a lot of Al-Qaida terrorists over there. Stupid Democrats messing with my policies again. These Bozos Republican candidates for president are a joke. Want be tough, conservative, get the evangelical vote, but none of them return my calls and the way they avoid me you'd think I was freaking Dick Cheney or something.

TS: Bummer dude, should I get down on my knees again?

GB: Okay sure, that'll be fine.

TS: Please, please, please, I'll send another battalion of Guanachos to Iraq next week, say Chavez is a commie dictator, and say you're the best president ever. Please, please, please, oh pretty please with sugar on top, renew TPS again. How was that?

GB: It was great Tony, you should get an Oscar.

TS: Really? That's cool. See ya in six months.

GB: Yeah, keep the faith and fight the power. Adios amigo.

TS: Can I have some White House stationary and a few commemorative mugs?

GB: Sure, take what you need.
Tim said…
Anonymous said…
Not kidding, enough of the same lies about TPS being a favor from Bush to Saca.
Anonymous said…
this is just terrible, why there is none candidate that come with new ideas good ones to take the country out of missery and run
against FMLN OR ARENA good enough anyone and I pretty sure that every body is going to vote for him or her.:(
blah said…
Loved the trasncript!!
Anonymous said…
Arena is living so much in the past