Homicides of women decrease

An article on ContraPunto described a recent reduction in homicides involving women. According to the article, police data indicate that homicides involving women are down this year almost 50% from the same period a year ago. There were 228 murders of women in 2007 through September compared with 421 in 2006.

The police and women's advocates have different views on the causes of these crimes. The subdirector of investigations for the National Police, Hector Mendoza, said that the majority of these crimes are linked to gang members. However, Irma Guirola, of the Center of Women's Studies (CEMUJER), asserts that 8 of every 10 murders of a woman in El Salvador involves a partner or ex-lover.

ContraPunto is a new Spanish language digital periodical of news and commentary about El Salvador found at www.contrapunto.com.ec. Its editor is Juan José Dalton, son of Salvadoran revolutionary poet Roque Dalton.


Hodad said…
I can Imagine,
good news as i have always said, las mujeres son las esfaldas de Salvador
[the women are the backbone of El Salvador]\

my ex was the Women's Boxing champ
for Centroamerica

she used to drop the biggest guys in San Salvador,
hell we were banned from many palces , including Cafe Don Pedro merliot, for awhile

i used to get it on down the road when she would pick up mara smartasses by their collars, PNC would show up, i would slink to the house they would even shrinkfrom her, jajajajaja

what a hoot for a 135 lb 'guanaca' that could kick 95% of guanacos asses,
whew! what a handful for me

but she love my little Yorkie and loved to ride the back of my 'Shadow' at 2 en la manana through Los Chorros to Lourdes from Santa Tecla at 85 mph through that gorge

I miss her, i believe she died in terremoto 2001 in Cojutepeque,went looking 3 times

all fell down,

but she was a lovely person, I miss her dearly
Genesis Alexis Zaenz
'La Nina Box"
2nd place Radio Luz song writing competition in 2000

not too many men? in El Salvador messed with her,
but then again most have guns, not huevos
she would drop them with one kick, it was hilarious
asi los dicen,
no chinga con las mujeres Salvador
o a pedir los huevos en la noche

Anonymous said…
Hey Tim,

I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading your El Salvador Blog. Are you living in El Salvador right now, or do you write from the states? The reason I am asking is because my background is in Journalism and I would really love to get more involved with what is going on here.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Holly Wagner and I have been living in El Salvador for about 4 months now teaching English to high school students. I will be here for a year, and may spend another year here depending on what doors open up to me. I am originally from New Hampshire and have only been here for about 4 months already.

I hope this letter finds you well, keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hodad said…
PLEASE does someone know of Genesis?
por favor
Dios ayudarmi