Folklore of El Salvador

El Salvador's rich folklore is spotlighted in the website named simply Folklore of El Salvador at The site has sections on traditional dress, dance, music, and instruments. The site is in Spanish, but even if you only speak English you can appreciate the photos, music downloads and the videos of traditional dance like the one above.


caguirre said…
I cannot help but notice the striking resemblance between our folkloric dresses and the delantales that are still worn by (older) Salvadoran campesinos. A year ago I traveled to El Salvador with my Canadian girlfriend and she brought to my attention the number of grandmothers that were wearing brand new colorful delantales replete with embroideries for their trip to the airport. They wore them as fashion accessories and not for their utilitarian purpose. I was disappointed that Folklore of El Salvador did not highlight these last vestiges of indigenous culture on their website.