Assorted news from El Salvador

Recent noteworthy news stories coming out of El Salvador:
  • Rains cause floods and landslides in coastal regions of the country. Most affected are low lying areas of Usulután and La Paz. Some 659 persons have been evacuated to 13 shelters. There have been at least two deaths. There is a photo gallery at this link. Rains are expected to continue through Monday.

  • Increased seismic activity has been monitored at Chaparrastique volcano. The volcano near San Miguel is considered active, but has not erupted in the past century. There were similar increases in activity in 2003 and 2004.

  • President Tony Saca announced that he will propose new increases in the minimum wage to take place at the end of 2007 and 2008. The government is currently in discussions with the business sector about the amount of the increases. The minimum wage set in 2006 ranges between $174 per month in the service sector to $81.51 per month in the agricultural sector.

  • The son of FMLN presidential candidate Mauricio Funes died of wounds sustained in an attack on the streets of Paris. 27 year old Alejandro Funes was studying photography in Paris. According to reports, an attacker believed to be of Moroccan origin, assaulted a group of young people on the streets of the French capital. Alejandro Funes tried to intervene and was mortally wounded in the confrontation.