The official image of the Movement Against Violence

A group of Salvadoran bloggers have started an effort, called the Movement Against Violence, to rally Salvadorans against the homicides affecting so many in El Salvador. The movement centers around a web site titled "Basta!" or "Enough!" which partly acts as a memorial to murder victims in El Salvador by recording the news of each violent death on the Basta! blog. It is an effort inspired by another blog, 100 Days in the Republic of Death, by Salvadoran artist Mayra Barraza.

The drawing above has been taken as the official image of the Movement Against violence. As its website explains, Wilber Geovanni Cruz Rivera was a 6 year old boy murdered in the town of Chalchuapa. His kindergarten teacher asked his little companions to draw something which represented the violence. One girl made this impressionistic drawing, which has now become the official image of the movement.


Qiuvo said…
Powerful--you can count on little children to depict the truth in an unabashed manner.

Thank you for the links and the info. I will check out the blogs you mention.

-On a lighter note, I uploaded a short story by Salarrue on my website,
Anonymous said…
The simple truth is often heard in a child's words or been seen in a drawing. No one from any high priced ad agency could do better, although goverments and NGOs like to spend millions of dollars on developing campaigns. The drawing just tells it like it is. Are we brave enough to accept it? Remember, each of us has a part to play in making ES the glorious place she was meant to be. Don't give up.
Anonymous said…
Graccias por mencionar nuestro trabajo y el respectivo enlace.