Rains of 2007

Storm systems spawned by the passage of Hurricane Dean to the north of El Salvador have dumped great quantities of rain on El Salvador this week. Although El Salvador was suffering from something of a drought earlier this year, the rains have now arrived with force. La Prensa Grafica has devoted a special section of its web site to the rainy season which includes news, video, weather forecasts, and current infrared satellite views of the weather over Central America.

This week's rains have hit the eastern part of the country the hardest. Flooding in La Unión has impacted more than 3000 persons. You can see a photo gallery of the floods' impact at this link. The eastern part of the country remains under yellow and orange alerts for further rain and flooding.


El-Visitador said…
«Natural Disasters»

Pff. Yeah, right. N-a-t-u-r-a-l disasters.

There have always been rain, tropical storms, and downpours. It is not as if we don't know that it rains from May to October.

It is not as if levee, drainage, and canal technology is unknown or expensive. These are not natural disasters. These are man-made disasters.

Man-made because the State, which squanders our taxes in MiTur, MARN, MinEc, CONCULTURA and their superfluous ilk, is then left without resources or managerial focus to protect its citizens from rain.

Man-made because technology exists to regulate the flow of torrential rains, and this technology is used, for instance, by Aguas de Barcelona, the private enterprise that sells water to Barcelona, 1000 cities in Spain, and over 100 cities abroad.

We, instead, enjoy the man-made disaster that is state-owned ANDA.

And we like it!