Others are funny

One failing of this blog is that it's never funny. (Although sometimes the comments can be pretty amusing). So I was happy to discover El Salvador Post, a Spanish/English blog which pokes fun at all things Salvadoran. Here's an example:


Suchitoto, July 5, 2007 (ESP). When questioned by the press and the international media on what happened last Tuesday when he visited Suchitoto to announce the Decentralization of National Services, president Saca responded vehemently: "Ah, please, do not be misled. CAFTA and dollarization have had so much success in El Salvador, and north american influence is such nowadays, that baseball has become the national sport, so popular indeed that people play it on the streets!"


Anonymous said…
Funy indeed, however the rules of that game are unfair. The other team pitches bullets, tear gas and wears heavy protected gear.
Anonymous said…
kern, or, key-kern

Really, even when you try to be funny--you merely show that you are a nerd trying to be funny.

Sorry, but it's true.

Fortunately you have a plethora of other commendable qualities to bring to the world.
Carlos X. said…
I guess I'm a nerd, too, because I thought it was funny.