El Salvador's gangs in multi-media

El Salvador's gang members -- in video and photos. It can be unnerving and scary.

Check out the 45 minute documentary from British network Sky One at this link which takes an inside look at Mara Salvatrucha in El Salvador.

Then view the photo gallery by Eros Hoagland at this link.


alassleves said…
why these gringo journalists doesn't pict and investigate their own problems? for example the high number of children and girls dissapearing with no trace? the cults? the african children sacrificed in britain by cults?
their own gangs?
obviously, the cheles knows their society, nobody is interested in such insignificant aspects of a wider society, that's no britain, that's not america!
instead, in order to win prizes, make money, and sex traveling, they come to photography the more obscure, isolated, sordid corners of less than 1% of el salvador richer reality. when the british and the americans lift up the veils created by such journalists, and dare to visit us, the surprise is so big that hardly they can believe the peaceful, beautiful country and people el salvador is. they never see gang members, the same as me, despite living and traveling all my, not black'n'white, but colorful country.
Anonymous said…
That's the true face of one of sector of the society.

El Salvador is again in the map because of the violence and corruption.

not long ago I watched a detective forensive program, they depite some gans related to gobernment.

El Salvador is not a peacefull place to live, the criminality leaves an average of 15 murders per day.

The news about a death squad in San Miguel shows the level of corruption, where police involve in criminal activities.

insanity is at high.

Recently US, Espain and other embassies isued a warning to their own citizen, to take precautions when travelling to El Salvador, or travel at their own risk.

El Salvador has already gain the third place for consuming cocaine, gobernment said the level is "very high" (I guess they are talking about how high they get) but still there are not criminals involve.

Peacefull country?

Anonymous said…
I don't think that a forty five minute documentary it's able to paint a reliable scenario of what's really going on in El Salvador. For what I saw, it brings out part of the problem but fails to emphasize it's real roots.

The gang's in El Salvador weren't born down there. They where born here in the United States, as a backlash of the late civil rights movement tension and violence -Rodney King anyone?- and Salvadorian immigration to the U.S caused by the Salvadorian civil war in the eighties. For those who have a short therm memory this war was, a matter of fact, sponsored and perpetuated hugely by the United States through the Reagan Administration, again...does this sounds familiar?.

I don't really know if the "maras" are equal in power and organization to Al Qaeda. To answer that question Ross Kemp would have to make another documentary but this time in L.A -where the big bosses are- not San Salvador. What I do know is that both, the Salvadorian gangs and Al Qaeda, are products manufactured by the U.S Republican Administrations(Reagan and Bush senior). Only time knows what new threat to the national security the actual republican administration leaves to Americans due to Iraq, and how WE will continue to blame other people for our own mistakes.
Anonymous said…
I had to travel to Los Angeles and we made a wrong turn. My nwphew, who lives in Los Angeles yelled "Turn the car around now, we'll never get out of this neighbour alive, the gangs control it." I've been through areas where there are gangs in Soyapango, San Salvador and Ilobasco and have never experience this level of fear from the people who live there. It is worse in the USA, where the gangs in El Salvador started. Dear journalist of North America and Europe, "take the beam out of your own eye before you critise the speck in your brother's." The words that Jesus spoke almost 2000 years ago still ring true.
Anonymous said…
This was horrible journalism. There was no flow to the story, it didn't seem professional, dumb observations were made, and many other faults made it painful to watch. That's a shame because the subject area is worth covering and more attention needs to be paid on crime by the Salvadoran government and people who can make a difference. It seems that the U.K. target audience of this guy's show is not bright and enjoy sensationalist reporting. This is what I would expect as a high school class project. With that being said, a much better piece can be found on youtube by searching "El Salvador gang". It's a 7 part series. It is very well done and insightful.
Unknown said…
Tim, I will the liberty to publish the documentary, Monday in my blog, http://netorivas.blogspot.com and will give credit, where credit is due.
Salvi_Alchemist said…
People should really get educated on this problem before commenting. Im getting tired of the media getting on MS13. If you're Salvadoran thats all we hear. All they do is hype it and instill fear where it isnt justified.

Other than the high murder rate in El Salvador, which gangs are a part of, they dont control much of anything outside parts of El Salvador and a few blocks in L.A. "Americas most dangerous gang" my eye.

They dont even control New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago, Milwuakee, or D.C. The Latin Kings do. Same goes for much of the Southern cities with high Latin populations.

I really dont know how these ignorant statistics come out saying they have over 100k members and call it the world's most dangerous gang. So what? I remember reading when the Latin kings had over 100k members in NYC alone, along with being dominant in other East Coast cities. Yet the LK's dont get anywhere near as much attention. Except in Spain.

My point is, that El Salvador gets a bad rap. Sure gangs are to blame for much of the violence but there are many other factors that have plauged ES before gangs. MS13 is just a big gang in one country along with 18. The govt. is just too stupid to realize how easy it is to solve the problem. But what do they care? They're only taking on the Republican approach of fear and opression.
Tim said…
Don Neto:

Thank-you for the link and the mention on your blog today.

Qiuvo said…
To ignore that E.S. has major gang problems is very naive. Of course it's only a portion of the population and only a certain sector of society, but it is a problem that affects everything nonetheless. At least the journalists are bringing light to this problem.

I recently found pictures of Salvadorian subjects in this site. The photographer is from El Salvador and I like his work.