Deportation flights continue to land in El Salvador

The Miami Herald has an article today about the burden El Salvador faces as thousands arrive in the country after being deported by the US:
The overwhelming number of repatriations involve ... ''criminal aliens,'' who completed their sentence in U.S. jails for offenses that range from drugs to murder, as well as undocumented adult migrants caught in the United States.

Improved cooperation between U.S. and Salvadoran authorities is in large part responsible for the hike in deportations, officials on both sides say.

''We have been working with El Salvador to speed up the deportation process so people aren't languishing in [U.S.] detention centers,'' said Rebecca Thompson, a spokeswoman at the U.S. Embassy in San Salvador.

Salvadoran authorities say some of the deportees could have bright futures, especially in the construction and tourism industries.

''My administration is trying to find a way for the noncriminals to find a job,'' said Rafael Alvarez, director of the country's immigration agency. ``They have a lot of skills, experience with construction, painting, restaurants -- and they know English, too.''

More difficult to assimilate are the convicts who arrive on special flights from the United States at least once a week. Authorities say many are members of U.S.-based street gangs -- and blame them for adding to the high number of homicides and other violent crimes in El Salvador attributed to gangs.(more)

So it should be no surprise that the government of El Salvador is making an all out effort to ensure that Salvadorans who are currently allowed to remain in the US on Temporary Protected Status renew their registration so they do not face deportation as well.


El-Visitador said…
«an all out effort to ensure that Salvadorans who are currently allowed to remain in the US on Temporary Protected Status renew their registration»

This is absurd.

People who qualified for TPS back in '01 have had to renew 5 times or so. They have paid literally thousands of dollars in fees through the years.

They know that unless they keep aplying and paying, there's a one-way ticket waiting for them,

To presume that those 200,000 are so retarded that they don't know what they have to do and the government has to kick into high-gear to save them from themselves... retarded. It's just a waste of taxpayer money.
Anonymous said…
it's no secret the US is doing us a hell of a favor by letting all those thousands of TPS and other documented or indocumented immigrants by that matter stay here. i say it's only fair that they send back the very worst of them, that is the criminals. this is simply further proof of how incompetent, negligent and impotent el salvador's government is to handle its own domestic issues, being that receiving back its own citizens places a burden on the country.
Anonymous said…
One of the problems is that when the US sends back the criminals, they have no record nor restrictions in ES. They get a free flight home and just get back into gang activities.
Anonymous said…
el salvador needs real change. they're making a big deal about the GDP growing 5%, but it could grow by a million% and still 85% of the population will be roaming and well below the $2 a day poverty line. it's ridiculous. i can't see how the salvadoran government (which is mostly formed by the elite) can't understand that the country needs reforms. starting out with the judicial system, education, health, direct creation of jobs. i mean, think about it, the rich elite need a stable middle income class to function as a buffer for their own safety, the country's political stability and for their own profit's sake. people with dependable income make better markets for their business. anyway, think about this, if the level of education improved drastically and the creation of more jobs that pay wages with which u can support your family went up, wouldn't that reduce direct violence and poverty by at least 35% the current numbers?
Hodad said…
right on inner self!