Video of this week's events

Video captured from Salvadoran TV news has now appeared on YouTube making it possible to view some of this week's events:

Protests in Suchitoto. This video footage shows scenes of the confrontations between riot police and protesters on the outskirts of Suchitoto on Monday, July 2.

Capture of CRIPDES Leaders. This video footage shows a police patrol which overtakes, stops and detains CRIPDES leaders and their driver outside of Suchitoto.

Aggressive police action. This video footage shows the confrontation between riot police and demonstrators including footage of several arrests.

Reports from El Salvador indicate that those detained are being charged under the new anti-terrorism law. You can read an update from the organization US-El Salvador Sister Cities at this link.

Capture of Mario Belloso. This video shows some of the news coverage of the arrest of fugitive Mario Belloso.

Interrogation of Mario Belloso. El Diaro de Hoy has this video of segments of the questioning of Belloso.