A story recently appeared on the Internet of a trip to El Salvador and how it became the basis for ten Ohio churches to have sister church relationships with communities in Chalatenango. These person-to-person, community-to-community relationships, are true examples of what is meant by the word "solidarity."

Ten years ago this week, 12 intrepid travelers from northeast Ohio packed seven four-wheel-drive vehicles with supplies and set out on a 3,500-mile adventure to Central America.

Named "Caravana," the mission of faith and love would become the foundation for many new cross-cultural relationships, outreach projects and visits that continue to multiply while strengthening the common Christian bond between Northeast Ohio and the Chalatenango area of El Salvador.(more).

I can also highly recommend Like Grains of Wheat, A Spirituality of Solidarity by Margaret Swedish for anyone who wants to explore the concept of solidarity in more depth with the stories of people changed by their experience of walking beside the people of Central America.