US publicizes its aid efforts in El Salvador

I am not quite sure why, but the US State Department has recently released a slew of press releases about US aid efforts in El Salvador. They include:

In response to this post, I heard from sources at the US Embassy in San Salvador who tell me the State Department is experimenting with sending one of its own journalists out into the field to report on the humanitarian assistance the US provides overseas. I was told that El Salvador was chosen as an early example due to the number and diversity of programs the US government and its different departments and agencies have there.


Hodad said…
road for gold miners
jobs, get real
just spoke with two nice guanacos recently arrived here in Myrtle Beach, paid 7000 and a month to get here with the Mexicans stealing from them and beating them
I will try to get them jobs, but they need papers that were stolen in Mexico
US propaganda is mind rot, and the gold miners need to leave, they will leave
460 million for a road, what a joke the present USA administration is
we need new revolution here, new cicil war ourselves, by the people and for the people
NOT for narco biz hypocritical evangelicals with only doomsday and the Armageddon on their minds
Viva El Salvador
Anonymous said…
i think it's pretty safe to assume the increase in US aid to El Salvador is aimed at influencing the 2009 elections, where their puppets, ARENA stand a good chance of being defeated. the US aid is intended to undercut support for the FMLN among the huge poor population, while the increased publicity is a PR ploy to convince the international community that the US is concerned with the welfare of the Salvadoran people.

this, of course, follows the line that opposition to neoliberalism and US policies in Latin America is a result of the negligence of the US toward the region. the truth, of course, being that it is the implementation of US and ARENA supported policies that have impoverished the majority of Salvadorans.
Anonymous said…
US aid means only one thing for El Salvador. More suffering for the poor. Dear Uncle Sam - just leave us alone.
Anonymous said…
Hm, USA taking a page from Saca's playbook? You know of making headlines publicizing every single "thing" they do, from the construction of a septic pit in the salvadoran outskirts to the donation of a bag of seeds to campesinos in the eastern part of the country.

I believe that shane stewart put it perfectly. This is a pr stunt to make US-ARENA look good in face of 2009 elections, but also by means of pure publicity give the illusion that US "Cares", trying to rebuild their bad reputation and self-called negligence in the region lead to "sublevation" and US losing weight in the region.
Anonymous said…
This is so depressing to read the extremely negative comments regarding what should be considered positive developments for El Salvador. During my recent visit I noticed a number of signs throughout El Salvador demonstrating aid from the European Union and, in particular, the German Federal Republic. I see no one criticizing such assistance. Yet, when the same assistance comes from the United States, the knee-jerk anti-Americans come out of the woodwork and try to find some angle to criticize the assistance. Such behavior is childish and intellectually dishonest.
Anonymous said…
"Virginian Traveller"...
a quick look at the history books will tell you why the US administration does not and should not get the benefit of the doubt...especially in ES. If it weren't so blatantly obvious that Saca is merely a puppet, there might be room for discussion. Germany & Spain's motives for assisting the people of ES are far different than Americas. I think it is interesting that Tim is corresponding with the US embassy in ES....that is to say that people at the embassy are ready this blog. There are many many Americans doing many good/great things in ES for all the right reasons...but aid provided by the US government does not EVER come without ulterior motives or strings attached.
Maybe "Virginian Traveller" works for American Gov't....the tone of his blogs sure sound like it.
Anonymous said…
the extreme impoverishment of El Salvador has occurred under economic conditions ("free trade" or "neoliberalism") dictated by the US. Under ARENA, El Salvador has been a model of the US's neoliberal project, implementing privatizations, liberalizing foreign investment, and ratifying the CAFTA free trade agreement.

the Salvadoran government's role in serving the public good has been ruled out under the US-backed neoliberal system. under US policy, private profit is guaranteed regardless of whether it precludes meeting the needs of the poor. this is exactly what is happening now with water and why so many are fighting to prevent privatization.

ARENA's faithful implementation of US policy is the reason we see the kind of social deterioration that exists in El Salvador today.

a pittance of US aid does not even begin to address the vast and structural injustice perpetrated upon the people of El Salvador by the US's economic policies. US aid to El Salvador is a dishonest attempt to whitewash the negative role the US is actually playing in El Salvador.
Anonymous said…
"the knee-jerk anti-Americans come out of the woodwork"...

Well VT perhaps should consider that most of the postings come from Americans who are equally disgusted with the behavior and performance of the current administration.