No progress on murder of deputies in Guatemala

The murder of the Salvadoran deputies to the Central American parliament in Guatemala last February remain unresolved. After the original arrests of senior Guatemalan police officers (who were subsequently killed inside a supposedly secure prison), Guatemalan authorities have provided neither a motive nor the persons behind the crime.

According to published reports, El Salvador's president is expressing concern with the slow pace of the investigation:
SAN SALVADOR, June 18 (Reuters) - Salvadoran President Tony Saca complained on Monday about neighboring Guatemala's lack of progress in solving the murders of three Salvadoran politicians in Guatemala in February....

Four months on, Guatemala has arrested a police officer and five other people linked to a drug cartel based near the border with El Salvador and is investigating them, but detectives have not established a motive for the murders.

Saca said he would speak to Guatemalan President Oscar Berger about the issue when they meet at a June 28-29 regional integration summit in Belize.

"I expect to pass on to him the concern of the Salvadoran people for this lack of progress. I think they should be getting more done," he said. "We expect more of Guatemala, up to getting to the bottom of these killings."


Anonymous said…
it's only right that the motives and master minds behind this horrid act are brought out to light and prosecuted. people in el salvador may hate D'abuisson all they want, and even his murdered son could potentially have been involved in illicit, dangerous businesses. but murder is murder anywhere in the universe and the criminals must be brought to justice. this case is much more darker and grotesque than anticipated. a'vroe