National Teacher's Day

Friday, June 22, was the Day of the Teacher in El Salvador. La Prensa Grafica has this gallery of photos of Salvadoran teachers at work in the classroom. No group deserves more to be celebrated.


Hodad said…
you got that right!
Kudos to all teachers
they are the true heroes
Anonymous said…
Ireland invested heavily into education and went from one of the poorest countries in Europe to the richest. For hundreds of years the only hope for the Irish was to emigrate. Now the Republic of Ireland, with a population of 1/2 of El Salvador is the place where Europeans want to go. The first step is to know the importance of teachers and give them the proper tools and schools to educate our children.
Anonymous said…
at last we are all agreeing on something. by the way, teachers, even in the united states are underappreciated, when they are, in fact, the ones molding the future. i say they need a pay raise. oh, remember that line from the salvadoran flag pledge of alligence: "engrave in our hearts, a sweet affection toward the teacher and the school" some good lines.
Anonymous said…
An educated population is a danger to a corrupt government. Now do you see why Saca and his Arena based oligarchy needs to destroy a once wonderful system of education?
Anyways, for Pres. Saca, the job of schools has now become prepraring the youth of El Salvador to become cheap labor in the USA.Thank God that the teachers of El Salvador are on the side of their students and give them the best education possible. They are our heros.